How The Colour of Your Bedroom Affects Your Life

In India, Vaastu Shashtra is a sanctified science that aids people in living a stress-free life. People have been dependent and are still depending on it to live a harmonious life leaving all problems far away from them. Vastu Shastra for bedroom is essential as bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time. Needless to say, you want to relax there and forget all the tensions so that you feel all set to face the day-to-day challenges of the world with fresh mind and new vigour. Certain things which are to be considered while following the vastu for bedroom are – wall colours of your room, placing position of your bed and the directions for the placement of the furniture and electronic devices.

Here, we shall discuss some of the tips which are necessary as per the principles of Vastu Shastra for bedroom:

  • It is better not to put God’s  idols in the bedroom
  • Placing Puja ghar in the bedroom should be avoided
  • Bedrooms having square or rectangular shape are believed to be the ideal ones for attaining peace and consistency
  • Saral Vaastu Shastra believes that a person should sleep with his/her head position towards the encouraging direction.
  • Placing a mirror in front of your bed may disturb your sleep
  • Avoid keeping aquarium or plants in your room
  • Keeping delicate and smooth lights in the bedroom are beneficial
  • Your bedroom should not have the windows or entrance at the corner that can bring negative energy in your room

The above mentioned are some of the tips, which will help bring the positive energy in your room.

Nature of the colour of your bedroom

Colours of your bedroom should be pleasing and soothing to your eyes. Bedroom, which is built using the principles of Saral Vaastu Shastra, will bring prosperity and happiness in it. Along with the shades, even the interior design of a particular room is significant. Interiors should not be much messy and congested as these can definitely spoil the mood of a person. The room should be kept clean and clutter free as it would certainly make one feel relaxed and calm along with ringing in positivity. The peaceful environment of a room will undoubtedly make a person feel happy and keep him or her healthy and wealthy.

Any negative aspect, either at home or at workplace will badly affect the person’s mind and health. Staying healthy and positively charged depends on the 7 chakras, which are directly linked to and govern the endocrine system that in turn normalizes the aging process.

If the Vastu tips for bedroom are followed properly, you will be happy and perform your daily activities properly. Moreover, it will help you to become a good person and boost your working abilities strongly, affecting your professional life positively. To spend your day merrily, it is very important to start it at a good note. The very first thing before sleep and after getting up, we will come across is our bedroom and hence it should have the appealing environment and colour combination.