5 Ways To Design A Romantic Modern Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day approaching quite fast, your bedroom maybe end up being the place where all the festivities take place.  With that said, its current state may not be in its most romantic mode.  Fear not, there are many ways that you can turn an ordinary bedroom, into one that is romantic whether it happens in time for this Valentine’s Day or the ones that follow – that’s a different question.

When designing or redesigning your modern bedroom, focus of the contemporary furniture pieces that you put in there, lighting, colors, textures and of course don’t forget to tastefully accessorize.  Here are some inspirations to guide you…

With Plaza Modern Poster Bed by Cattelan Italia (Noir Collection) as the focal point, this modern bedroom features a chocolate colored accent wall and a splash of color in the form of wall art.

Informal and inviting, this modern bedroom is focused more on the finishes and less on colors.   Using a modern poster bed from Armani Casa collection, this room is full of cozy décor elements.

Interior incorporates rich gold accents with romantic purples and fuschia colors.  The William Modern Leather Upholstered Bed by Cattelan remains in stark white, as the most attractive and contrasting feature of the room.

Minimal, yet inviting, this interior has a modern leather upholstered bed by Pianca in chocolate color with the remainder of the room having soft pink hues accented by modern chrome elements and unusual lighting fixtures.

  1. Furniture – With the bed being the focal point of the room, it is very important to select a bed that fits the room in size and in proportions.  Choose a bed that fits within your style and preferences, select from modern platform beds, sleight beds, tatami beds or canopy beds and then match all other bedroom furniture to the bed’s style, your needs and spatial capacities – when there is harmony, there is romance.  As for the finishes, on the more romantic side are upholstered beds (leather or fabric), ones that are finished in dark rich woods (usually wenge) or high gloss lacquers in deep red or black.  If possible, look for a bed that incorporates lighting into its structure – you can use it to create a romantic aura when all other lighting is off.
  2. Bedding – The bedding should match the style of the room, and should not take away from your modern bed’s style.  Opt for monochromatic ensembles, or sets that layer contrasting colors and/or textures.  Prints are good too, as long as they are not too busy or dominant.
  3. Lighting – Lighting is crucial, make sure that it is not to bright, include a dimmer for recessed lights or a ceiling fan.  Sconces are an absolute must, they give out soft light and help create subtle aura that is very romantic.  Wall sconces that have a mirrored back are great because the light is reflected and enhanced, creating an even more ambient atmosphere.
  4. Color – Deep tones are key for a romantic look.  Shades of red, burgundy, purples, fuchsia all symbolize love and passion while chocolates, and burnt (brick) oranges are warm and cozy.  Use color in a form of an accent wall (maybe the one behind your modern bed) complimented by a more subdued color hue covering the rest of the room.  Carry that color into accessories, flooring, and bedding.
  5. Accessories – Personalize the room with black-and-white photographs, use candles for color and for ambient practicality. Incorporate mirrors (whether as artwork on top of the bed or leaned against a wall). The window treatments, like the bedding should compliment rather than take away from the room. Match the window treatments to the bedding and/or throw pillows and/or rug. The rug can be placed at the foot of the bed to provide a stark contrast between the bed and the floor, or on either side of the bed for plush surface that adds coziness to your modern bedroom.