Elegant & Stylish Décor Ideas for Bedroom Interiors

Bedroom is a very private and personal space. Simple renovations are important for a fresh perspective and advancement in lifestyle regularly. Modern day solutions like lacquered glass, stylish partitions, doors & windows can make any space look classy and elegant.

There are a number of décor ideas available for every space. Bedrooms can be joined with Shower cubicles, easily available in Delhiand other metro cities to achieve a luxurious look. You can add laminated partitions to create a wall of glass between your bedroom and another space like dining hall, library or the washroom. The ideas are unlimited and so are the number of aesthetic solutions available in the market today.

Gone are the days when installing glass solutions at home was a hectic affair. Today glass solutions can be customized to suit the size and requirement of the space. Take skylight windows for example today’s skylight can be installed in bedroom with ease. Skylight is a unique solution that brings filtered sunlight in the room while maintaining the temperature of the interiors. During night, the skylight makes you feel like sleeping under the clear sky. Today skylight is a recommended choice for the bedroom interiors to bring delight and splendour in the room.

Lacquered and tinted glass are a few of the versatile solutions ideal for bedroom space. With lacquered glass solutions, one can create stylish partitions in the bedroom. Lacquered glass can be customized in beautiful designs. It brings colour, style and sophistication to the interiors. With lacquered glass solutions you can wake up to pleasant views, bringing positivity for the entire day. With lacquered solutions, the scope for beautifying the bedroom interiors is unlimited.

Sliding systems, that once used to stay limited to malls and high profile office and commercial structures, have become a favourite choice for residential space as well. Sliding door systems add a new element of richness to a space where it is installed. Sliding glass doors bring an inclination of luxury and elegance to the bedroom. With these modern day classy door systems, one can enjoy a pleasant change from the usual typical doors that we have been using for a long time.

Staircases are an elegant medium to connect between the spaces of a residential or commercial structure. Glass staircases add a different charm to the space where they are installed. Contrary to the popular belief, glass staircase is made of strong glass solution that doesn’t break under any kind of weight applied. These staircases installed in your living space can open a world of grandeur the moment you step out of your bedroom.

Today customized solutions are replacing the regular décor solutions. The reason being that they are easy to install and can be modified according to the requirement of the space. These customized solutions are finding their use everywhere, from residential structures to huge retail spaces and from offices to hospitals. With glass you can explore a world of magnificence and gracefulness.

5 Red Bedroom Design Ideas

If you feel that you live like a fire, full of energy and passion – then this post is for you. Design ideas for the red bedroom will insire you to change your interior design and maybe even life. The photos will help you to learn easily. And you don’t even need to go to interior design courses.

Design Idea # 1 Unique sofa

If you want to have red color in your bedroom it can be used in different ways. One of them is to add red color to the interior objects. You can buy a red sofa, chair or curtains. The sofa of red color my look too hard, but when it is designed in round shape, you can be confident that it will look gorgeous.

Design Idea # 2 Fresh Colors

The second idea is adding bright colors. Be attentive and add fresh natural colors, like green grass, sky blue and earthly grey, brown tree. You can also add one animal print. Don’t use more because it will look massive. Try such interior and you won’t regret it.

Design Idea # 3 Modern Style

In this case you can buy red bedding. To make the bedroom look modern and not stuffy, other object need to be simple. For example, a vase should be white and with no decorations on it. The table can be made of glass

Design Idea # 4 Add white style

When you have a lot of bright colors, you need to add a bit of white. It is the most simple way to make the bedroom look softer. You need to remember that this is the place for relaxing.

Design Idea # 5 Views

For any  bright interiors the views give a special style to the room. You can search for old photos  or views, or your dream images. All inspiring and positive photos will bring some special mood to your home.

It’s so great when you can try and design your room in colors you like.

If you have passionate mood in April then why don’t you change your room interior.

You risk when add such active color as red to your interior but you also change our life when you do it.

Active color will activate your life.

Love, passion ans inspiration will be yours.

How The Colour of Your Bedroom Affects Your Life

In India, Vaastu Shashtra is a sanctified science that aids people in living a stress-free life. People have been dependent and are still depending on it to live a harmonious life leaving all problems far away from them. Vastu Shastra for bedroom is essential as bedroom is a place where you spend most of your time. Needless to say, you want to relax there and forget all the tensions so that you feel all set to face the day-to-day challenges of the world with fresh mind and new vigour. Certain things which are to be considered while following the vastu for bedroom are – wall colours of your room, placing position of your bed and the directions for the placement of the furniture and electronic devices.

Here, we shall discuss some of the tips which are necessary as per the principles of Vastu Shastra for bedroom:

  • It is better not to put God’s  idols in the bedroom
  • Placing Puja ghar in the bedroom should be avoided
  • Bedrooms having square or rectangular shape are believed to be the ideal ones for attaining peace and consistency
  • Saral Vaastu Shastra believes that a person should sleep with his/her head position towards the encouraging direction.
  • Placing a mirror in front of your bed may disturb your sleep
  • Avoid keeping aquarium or plants in your room
  • Keeping delicate and smooth lights in the bedroom are beneficial
  • Your bedroom should not have the windows or entrance at the corner that can bring negative energy in your room

The above mentioned are some of the tips, which will help bring the positive energy in your room.

Nature of the colour of your bedroom

Colours of your bedroom should be pleasing and soothing to your eyes. Bedroom, which is built using the principles of Saral Vaastu Shastra, will bring prosperity and happiness in it. Along with the shades, even the interior design of a particular room is significant. Interiors should not be much messy and congested as these can definitely spoil the mood of a person. The room should be kept clean and clutter free as it would certainly make one feel relaxed and calm along with ringing in positivity. The peaceful environment of a room will undoubtedly make a person feel happy and keep him or her healthy and wealthy.

Any negative aspect, either at home or at workplace will badly affect the person’s mind and health. Staying healthy and positively charged depends on the 7 chakras, which are directly linked to and govern the endocrine system that in turn normalizes the aging process.

If the Vastu tips for bedroom are followed properly, you will be happy and perform your daily activities properly. Moreover, it will help you to become a good person and boost your working abilities strongly, affecting your professional life positively. To spend your day merrily, it is very important to start it at a good note. The very first thing before sleep and after getting up, we will come across is our bedroom and hence it should have the appealing environment and colour combination.

Create a Funky Girls “Wallflower” Bedroom

Looking for a creative idea for decorating a pre-teen or teenage girl’s bedroom?  This imaginative and funky “Wallflower” room bursts with vibrant color and life.

The color scheme started with a hot pink and orange patterned bedspread.  This one was found at Bed, Bath & Beyond, but Pottery Barn Teen also has some great floral bedding choices. Any color combination works, let your daughter pick her favorite.

From there, two contrasting wall colors were chosen — bright orange and a pale pink based on this bedding pattern. Orange was painted on three walls, and the focal or accent wall was painted pale pink.

Now for the fun part, when mother and daughter do-it-yourselfers can share a creative bonding session — stencils!  Unique flower designs were stenciled onto the pale pink accent wall, and even on the white wooden blinds, which you can see when the blinds are closed. Hot pink, orange, yellow and even lime green were blended together, and flowers were layered on top of each other for an interesting effect.  A great way to include your daughter in the design process, making her appreciate her new space even more!

What really makes this room pop, however are the 3-dimensional paper “wallflowers” that are hung amid the stenciled ones.

Made from vividly dyed thick paper, these are not your typical wallflowers, content to fade into the background — instead they practically jump off the wall and demand to be noticed.

The flower heads used were daisies and peonies, in similar orange, magenta, pink and yellow tones.

The finishing touches include a reproduction European sign which reads “Marche aux Fleurs” (which is French for Flower Market), orange and pink accent pillows to coordinate with the patterned bedspread, and a floral fabric suspended light fixture.

Wallflower or not, it’s a room any girl would love.

5 Ways To Design A Romantic Modern Bedroom

With Valentine’s Day approaching quite fast, your bedroom maybe end up being the place where all the festivities take place.  With that said, its current state may not be in its most romantic mode.  Fear not, there are many ways that you can turn an ordinary bedroom, into one that is romantic whether it happens in time for this Valentine’s Day or the ones that follow – that’s a different question.

When designing or redesigning your modern bedroom, focus of the contemporary furniture pieces that you put in there, lighting, colors, textures and of course don’t forget to tastefully accessorize.  Here are some inspirations to guide you…

With Plaza Modern Poster Bed by Cattelan Italia (Noir Collection) as the focal point, this modern bedroom features a chocolate colored accent wall and a splash of color in the form of wall art.

Informal and inviting, this modern bedroom is focused more on the finishes and less on colors.   Using a modern poster bed from Armani Casa collection, this room is full of cozy décor elements.

Interior incorporates rich gold accents with romantic purples and fuschia colors.  The William Modern Leather Upholstered Bed by Cattelan remains in stark white, as the most attractive and contrasting feature of the room.

Minimal, yet inviting, this interior has a modern leather upholstered bed by Pianca in chocolate color with the remainder of the room having soft pink hues accented by modern chrome elements and unusual lighting fixtures.

  1. Furniture – With the bed being the focal point of the room, it is very important to select a bed that fits the room in size and in proportions.  Choose a bed that fits within your style and preferences, select from modern platform beds, sleight beds, tatami beds or canopy beds and then match all other bedroom furniture to the bed’s style, your needs and spatial capacities – when there is harmony, there is romance.  As for the finishes, on the more romantic side are upholstered beds (leather or fabric), ones that are finished in dark rich woods (usually wenge) or high gloss lacquers in deep red or black.  If possible, look for a bed that incorporates lighting into its structure – you can use it to create a romantic aura when all other lighting is off.
  2. Bedding – The bedding should match the style of the room, and should not take away from your modern bed’s style.  Opt for monochromatic ensembles, or sets that layer contrasting colors and/or textures.  Prints are good too, as long as they are not too busy or dominant.
  3. Lighting – Lighting is crucial, make sure that it is not to bright, include a dimmer for recessed lights or a ceiling fan.  Sconces are an absolute must, they give out soft light and help create subtle aura that is very romantic.  Wall sconces that have a mirrored back are great because the light is reflected and enhanced, creating an even more ambient atmosphere.
  4. Color – Deep tones are key for a romantic look.  Shades of red, burgundy, purples, fuchsia all symbolize love and passion while chocolates, and burnt (brick) oranges are warm and cozy.  Use color in a form of an accent wall (maybe the one behind your modern bed) complimented by a more subdued color hue covering the rest of the room.  Carry that color into accessories, flooring, and bedding.
  5. Accessories – Personalize the room with black-and-white photographs, use candles for color and for ambient practicality. Incorporate mirrors (whether as artwork on top of the bed or leaned against a wall). The window treatments, like the bedding should compliment rather than take away from the room. Match the window treatments to the bedding and/or throw pillows and/or rug. The rug can be placed at the foot of the bed to provide a stark contrast between the bed and the floor, or on either side of the bed for plush surface that adds coziness to your modern bedroom.